Shivangi Walke

Shivangi Walke - Founder & CEO, ThrivewithMentoring, Founder, Xponential GmbH

Shivangi Walke is an accomplished international HR executive turned entrepreneur who successfully integrates Organizational and Leadership Development, Talent Management and business partnering experience to deliver business success, employee engagement, and brand value. 

Differentiating Shivangi is her ability to bring both the soft (purpose, people, process) and hard (strategy, structure, systems) perspectives together to address real business needs. She believes that personal, organizational and societal change is an interactive development process and through her interventions she seeks to build awareness and action across all. 

Shivangi brings diverse industry experience in Insurance, Pharma/Chemicals, Manufacturing and Professional Services.  She has trained leaders and management teams in 40 plus countries globally and on all continents. As a Master Trainer, her favourite meta skill to train leaders on is the art of mastering Crucial Conversations. 

Complementing her thriving Leadership and Organizational Development practice near Zurich, Shivangi is also the Founder of a non-profit Thrive with Mentoring, which has catalysed 800 plus mentoring relationships in 5 countries and 12 cities in less than two years.