George Barlow

George Barlow - Senior Lead Engineer, ContractPodAi®

ContractPodAi® is one of the world's fastest growing AI based contract management solution providers, empowering global corporations across the world. George is the Senior Legal Engineer in the Transformation Team and oversees the training of the world's first end to end artificially intelligent contract analyst as part of the implementation of the ContractPodAi® system.

George has over 25 years’ experience both in-house and in private practice as a real estate solicitor and has worked inhouse for companies in the Financial Services and Energy and Utilities sectors, including 16 years working inhouse with Aviva plc, where he combined his legal work with managing his team’s IT systems for 5 years before successfully completing the switch to Legal Technology working for the last 3 years as the Legal Technology Manager for Aviva plc’s global legal function.

George has a Bachelor’s degree in Law from the University of Hull and a Master’s degree in Landscape History from the University of East Anglia in the United Kingdom.