Michelle Carvill

Michelle Carvill - Founder and Director, Carvill Creative

Michelle Carvill is a strategic marketer, digital agency founder and three times published author in the digital marketing and social media space. Her latest book, ‘#GetSocial – Social Media Strategy and Tactics for Leaders’, (shortlisted for The Business Book Awards 2019 - leadership category), helps leaders and game changers understand social media from a strategic perspective and gain confidence with the social technologies and digital transformation. Her fourth book ‘The Myths of Social Media’ is out March 2020.

Social and digital technologies continue to pervade our lives and digital literacy and mastering connection via social technologies is fast becoming a leadership core competence.

Michelle’s mission is two-fold; 1) Educating leaders, leadership teams and game changers (whether technophobes or techsavvy) about the digital and social landscape and the competitive advantage social media and digital connection can bring and 2) Equipping leaders and game changers with enough strategic insight and practical tactics so that they have confidence to build effective digital footprints which are on message, both personally and for their organisations.