3. Data privacy and data commercialisation: Two sides of the same coin?

This session concentrates on the continuous growth of data protection laws globally, the increasing enforcement by data protection authorities and how the GC can steer their business into a safe harbour in these stormy waters. Furthermore, we will have a deep-dive into the commercialisation of data and how digitalisation and modern technologies advance the legal profession. Gathering and analysing of data can for example help to predict litigation (the chances of going to litigation, the most favoured platform and the chances of a successful litigation.) How can in-house counsels develop so that they can help the business understand that compliance with data laws is much more than just costs and how can they assist the business in seizing this opportunity and make or save money out of their data?

Sponsor: Ogletree Deakins

Track: Lead the Law
Location: Date: Monday 18 May 2020 Time: 11:00 - 12:30 Level: A


Andre Appel Nathalie Laneret